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Double Agent is an Open Source alternative to Microsoft® Agent that allows Agent applications to work on Windows® 7 and beyond.
  • It emulates the Microsoft® Agent server and the Microsoft® Agent ActiveX control.

  • It supports existing Microsoft® Agent characters, including Microsoft® Office Assistant characters.

  • It implements the Agent Server and Agent ActiveX Control programming interfaces, so it can be used with no changes to existing applications.

  • It's available in both 32–bit and 64–bit versions.

  • For development and testing purposes, it also runs on Windows® XP and Windows® Vista.

For more information, visit the Double Agent web site.

Download and Install

  • Download one of these installation packages:
    • The 32–bit package for 32–bit Windows XP, 32–bit Windows Vista, or 32–bit Windows 7.
    • The 64–bit package for 64–bit Windows Vista or 64–bit Windows 7.  It includes the both the 32–bit and 64–bit versions to support 32–bit applications on 64–bit Windows.
  • Open the downloaded package to start the Microsoft Installer, then just follow the installation instructions.

Using Double Agent

  • On Windows XP and Windows Vista, Double Agent is initially installed without affecting Microsoft® Agent.
    • To use an existing application with Double Agent, open the Double Agent control panel and go to the Emulation page.
    • Click Use Double Agent.  The system registry will be updated to redirect all Microsoft® Agent components to the corresponding Double Agent components .  Any application that uses the Microsoft® Agent server or control will now use the Double Agent server or control (using CoTreatAs).
    • To reverse this process, click Use Microsoft Agent.  The component redirections will be removed from the system registry.
  • On Windows 7
    • If Microsoft® Agent is not installed Double Agent will automatically emulate Microsoft® Agent.
    • If Microsoft® Agent is installed, follow the above instructions for Windows Vista.
  • If you install both Microsoft® Agent (hotfix KB969168) and Double Agent on Windows 7, Microsoft® Agent MUST be installed first.
    • If you've already installed Double Agent, uninstall it before installing the Microsoft® Agent hotfix.
    • If you accidentally install them in the wrong order, you must uninstall the Microsoft® Agent hotfix first, uninstall Double Agent second, then install them in the correct order.
    • When the Microsoft® Agent hotfix is installed on Windows 7, Double Agent's ability to emulate Microsoft® Agent is limited (see the Double Agent control panel Emulation page for details).

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